Preschoolers learn through play, songs, Bible stories, and crafts.  These activities give preschoolers the opportunity to discover basic Biblical truths which can be easily understood at their age level, e.g.  God loves me; God made me; God cares for me; God wants me to care for others.  Preschoolers love the active involvement as they learn more about themselves, the world around them, and the God who has created it all.  Pat teaches our preschools.  She loves God and children.  She communicates God’s truths in ways preschoolers can “get it”.  She is married to Randy, and has five (grown) children of her own.  


Diane leads this group of students. Her teaching flows from her own walk with God as she studies the Scriptures. They examine who God is and why His Son, Jesus, is so important to our lives.  It doesn’t matter whether the youth have already spent several years in Sunday School or has never heard of Jesus, youth will fit into this class.  They use a great deal of group discussion as well as multi-media, including videos, youtube, etc.  Diane is married to Greg and also has three grown children.  

Mixed Adults

Bruce has been teaching adult Bible Study for several years.  As he prepares each week, he is continually reminded of how much he still has to learn!  Bruce’s class is one with much discussion.  He challenges each of the participants to dig deeply into God’s Word and apply His teachings to all of our daily lives.  Bruce is also LightHouse’s Worship leader.





Joe’s teaching style is one of using the church quarterly Adult Bible Study lesson as a start for a deeper teaching on the Bible passages. One of his strengths is his ability to identify other Scripture that allows the class to understand and refine their insights into the Biblical principles taught by the passage. He usually brings in supplemental handouts that outline or summarize other Biblical teaching on the verses in the study passages. As the class comes to an understanding of the historical meanings, he breaks into small groups or seeks to lead a discussion on the application of these principles to our everyday lives. The class enjoys the documentation, insights, discussions, and opportunity to apply the Bible to their lives.


At one time, your name had to have Carol in it to be in the class.  Five of the members of the class were named Carol, Carolyn or Carolann.  Carol (yes, the teacher is named Carol!) has successfully expanded the class beyond Carols!  This is a fun-loving group of women who love not only each other but also the Word of God.  They each bring their unique experiences in life into the discussions in learning how to apply the Bible to their lives!  




This group of men study God’s Word in an effort to understand and apply Biblical teachings to their daily lives.  David involves each man in the discussion of the passage, but throughout the week he also touches base with the men to encourage the living out of the Word of God.  The objective is to be obedient to scripture and the anointed words of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. David is married to Peggy and has two grown kids.  If you are around him very long, he’ll also tell you all about his grandkids!