How do we know Truth?

There are several ways we know truth: reason, experience, and feelings. However, the Bible is God’s revelation of Truth to mankind. God revealed Himself through nature, but the only reliable way of knowing God is through Scripture. In Scripture, God has revealed not only how to have true life, but how to live that life as God has designed it.

Who is God?

We live in a pluralistic age with numerous ‘gods’ and authorities. There is only one true God who revealed Himself as Father, Son and Spirit. He has revealed Himself so that we can know His unique character; although, we will never fully understand Him. Our means of knowing God is through Jesus Christ, as revealed in Scripture.

What is sin?

Sin is any deviation from God’s properly defined expectations of living, either failing to live the way He has instructed or failing to do what He has commanded. Ultimately, sin is opposition to God’s rule. It results in a broken relationship with God and destroyed relationships with others. We are born with a sinful nature and will in fact sin.

What about salvation?

Because God is holy and we have sinned, we are irreconcilably separated from God. Irreconcilably, that is, except for what God did in sending Jesus to live, die and rise again. Believing and committing our lives to this truth provides true life through salvation. This salvation alters how we live each day.

What does it mean to live the Christian life?

Being a Christian means that we live our lives according to God’s revealed plan. We seek to honor him through worship and learn his plans for our lives through Bible study. We stop doing those things that offend God, and we start doing those things that He desires. As we mature, this becomes increasingly the driving force of our lives.

What about those outside our church?

We are a Southern Baptist church, but the requirement for entrance into heaven is not church membership. Rather, it is living by faith in Jesus Christ. Everyone who believes in Jesus will be saved. Those who refuse to believe in Jesus will not be saved and will be eternally separated from the God in whom they refused to believe.